IT Consulting

We’ll help you plan, design, and deploy new hardware components and software systems seamlessly.

Small- and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the benefit of an experienced, fully staffed IT department are our most common Consulting & Projects clients. They love the fact that whenever they have questions about their technology infrastructure, or are experiencing issues that likely require complex resolutions, all they have to do is call Second Star Technologies.

Just schedule a meeting to review the situation -- or enlist Second Star Technologies to conduct a routine audit of your IT’s overall performance -- and you’ll be on your way to enhanced servers, PCs, mobile devices, WiFi connections, software programs, cloud-based applications, cyber security, and networking equipment. And that means more productivity from your teams.

“No matter the size of your organization, regardless of which software systems you use every day, and despite the fact that you may have an internal IT staff, partnering with an expert IT provider like Second Star Technologies makes technology projects go smoothly, with a minimum of excess expense.”

Our consultants are experienced in all areas of IT infrastructure planning and project management:

  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Comprehensive cyber security overhauls
  • Network and WiFi redesigns and deployments
  • Data backup and disaster recovery optimizations
  • Cost-saving desktop/server virtualizations and cloud migrations

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