Business Continuity

Keeping your company up and running after a natural disaster requires detailed, big-picture planning across departments.

Second Star Technologies' business consultants take companies’ typical disaster recovery plans one step further, by outlining what should be done once your servers and systems are back in production after a storm, flood, fire, or theft. And make no mistake, evaluating the impact immediately after electricity has been restored is critical to ensuring your company lives another day.

You’ll receive a thorough evaluation of how your day-to-day operations may be affected by a disaster with clear procedures for how to transition back to normal activity. This will include how to set up employees if they need to work remotely, how to care for external customers like normal, and how to inform everyone of how recovery will progress in the immediate aftermath.

“Having a security strategy that detects and eradicates cyber threats is only half the battle. It needs to be integrated with step-by-step procedures for assessing damages, patching up vulnerabilities, and clearly communicating the situation to clients and internal stakeholders immediately after disaster has struck.”

Here’s what you can expect from a Second Star Technologies' Business Continuity strategy:

  • Thorough Assessments - of your day-to-day operations during the planning stage
  • Customization - so you can select the recovery strategies that best serve your clients’ needs
  • Outlined procedures - that will be implemented once full IT function is restored to your facility
  • Comprehensive Analyses - to determine the short- and long-term impact on your business
  • Post-disaster Consulting - including testing, training, and reporting based on analyses

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