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Bakersfield Businesses Swear by Second Star Technologies

Because our Managed IT Services plans keep their IT Always On

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We make sure you’re using the right technology -- like advanced cloud data backups and anti-spam programs -- and that it’s optimized to save you money.
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You’ll be protected against viruses, ransomware, and hackers stealing company secrets when your servers, data, and emails are protected around the clock.
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Managed IT Services include 24/7 maintenance of your network and systems, with proactive technical support that reduces downtime and your IT repair costs.

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The Comprehensive Guide

The Comprehensive Guide to IT Support for Modern Businesses

In a world where technology drives every facet of business, selecting the right IT support isn't just an operational decision – it's a strategic move that can spell the difference between growth and stagnation. Dive in as we unravel how to make the best choice for your organization's unique challenges and ambitions.

Managed IT Services A Comprehensive Guide

Managed IT Services: A Comprehensive Guide to the Future of Business Infrastructure

The Rise of Managed IT Services In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses continuously seek ways to maintain operational efficiency, ensure data security, and stay competitive. One solution that has emerged as a front-runner in this pursuit is 'Managed IT Services'. With technological advancements and increased cybersecurity threats

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Managed IT services give you more productivity, for less money

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How do clients achieve an Always On environment?

Our technicians take pride in the IT Support they provide, and in the ways it can improve your firm’s production.

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Network Optimization

Speed, stability and easy connectivity are at their max at all times.

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Cyber Security

Internet threats can do no harm when your systems have no weak spots.

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Email Protection

Spam and phishing attacks are neutralized so your inboxes stay clean.

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Data Backups

Productivity and privacy assured by state-of-the-art storage schemes.

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Business Continuity

You need a plan for restarting systems after storm, fire, or earthquake.

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IT Consulting

Our advisors are the perfect partners for energy industry IT planning.

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Increasing IT Efficiency Increases Profits

From improved employee productivity to enhanced teamwork, collaboration, and user morale.

By implementing Second Star Technologies’ strategies for small-business technology, your computers, smartphones, software programs, and WiFi will perform at their peak, helping you to boost your profit margins.

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There’s one sure way to empower your employees

By migrating your servers to The Cloud, users have the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device -- while we handle all the hardware and software upkeep for them. But the cloud’s benefits to your business certainly won’t stop there.

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Second Star Technologies’ Network Engineers: Kern County’s Finest

Second Star Technologies’ Customers: 99% IT uptime since 2011

But that’s not the whole story. What we’re most proud of hasn’t to do with the improved IT strategies we develop for Bakersfield businesses -- it has to do with our devotion to customer care.

So while it’s true that our top-of-the-line products have resulted in no virus infections or malicious encryptions for our customers in over 5 years, our primary goal is to help them reduce costs, align technology with business goals, and create simple strategies for future growth and IT investment.

Second Star Technologies delivers on its promises

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